Thumb sucking is a natural comforting behavior in infants and young children that’s related to nursing, but if it goes on for too long, it can create problems in the mouth later on. Here’s what you need to know.

Let’s start with number five,
5) Thumb sucking usually goes away on its own.

Most children stop between the ages of two and four years. But if this happened last much beyond the age of three your child may need extra help.

Moving on to number four,
4) Persistent thumb sucking can cause bite problems.

Constant thumb sucking can change the growth pattern of the jaw, as well as move the upper teeth forward. This can result in an open bite or other problems, which may require orthodontic treatments.

As far as number three,
3) Positive reinforcement can help break the habit.

Tell your child why it’s time to stop sucking his or her thumb and give a reward for not doing it, but not a sugary treat praise and positive support work better than nagging.

Up next is number two,
2) A dental appliance can discourage thumb sucking.

If the habit perhaps difficult to break an oral appliance called the tongue crip can be effective. This helps discourage the habit and retrain the tongue to rest in a better position.

Finally, number one,
1) Ask your dentist for advice.

Young children are growing and developing rapidly, and that’s why it’s so important to bring them in for regular checkups. If you need help with this issue, don’t hesitate to ask your dentist.

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Everything was really nice over there. They told me I was probably gonna have two years in my braces. I finished in about a year and a half and everything looks great!!!

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Staff is friendly and office is efficient. Dr Beglin took care of both of our kids, and we are very happy with his care and expertise.

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The entire staff is friendly and professional. My concerns were listened to and validated and a courseOf action was determined.Having options for orthodontics in our small community is a gift. Had I done more research, I would have chosen Dr Beglin for the initial treatment. I’m amGrateful that my issues can be resolved.

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Very professional. Dr. Beglin and the staff were friendly, caring, and explained the procedure and care of the braces and my teeth at each appointment. I would recommend this office to any adult or child that is in need of orthodontic care.

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Dr. Lowthorp has been amazing for years! And Dr. Beglin has done an excellent job of stepping in and providing great service. So many beautiful smiles in this town due to these folks and their dedicated team!

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