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We’re going to walk you through putting on braces and I’m going to use this patient that we’re going to call her Sarah. We’re going to put on Sarah’s braces right now and we start off by basically putting on a little cheek retractor, and this cheek retractor holds the lips and cheeks away from the teeth, which you’ll see then, we also use a little device that holds the tongue away from the teeth. Now the reason we want these guys in there is we want to keep the teeth as dry as possible. Once we start preparing the teeth and working on them, we don’t want the lips the saliva or the tongue to interfere with what we’re doing. And here you see that we’re painting each individual tooth with a little cotton applicator and we’re basically sterilizing the tooth surface and preparing it for the glue. This glue is a special kind of glue that sticks to tooth surfaces only after they’ve been prepared with this special material. Once we put the sterilization agent on, we rinse it and then we dry it off. We want the teeth to be as dry as possible and then here you’ll see me come in and put on each of the braces one at a time. Now the braces, or the bracket, we call them. Brackets each have a little bit of glue on them and we put them on the tooth just like you’d put a sticker on something. So you put them on just like a sticker but the glue is not yet set or dried so it allows us to work with the braces. So at this point we have all the braces on the teeth. One of the things you might notice at this stage, also is that each of the teeth has a very specific bracket for it. So as a matter of fact, we use six different types of brackets on the upper arch and five different types of brackets on the lower arch. And they’re a little bit different in shape and dimension. Some of them have hooks for rubber bands to where you can see those hooks on the brackets themselves. So, they’re all very specific for the individual tooth they’re moving. Here you can see that we’re actually trying to get the angles of the brackets right so we’re positioning them with what we call a scaler and now we’re going in and we’re actually measuring the height of each bracket. Now each bracket, along with each tooth, out in a specific bracket each mm for ideal bracket placement. I’m using this measuring device and holding it at different angles to get the brackets right at the right measurements on each specific tooth. A couple things I want to talk about with the specific brackets, is that within those brackets, they actually have a what we call a prescription built into them. That prescription, once we put a wire in that prescription, dictates the angulation and the torque or inclination of each individual tooth as well as the height of each individual tooth within the mouth.

One of the things that’s important to me is when I go in and start putting on the braces, I can already envision the teeth and their final position. So I kind of begin with the end in mind. I can already see the final results. I can see the final smile before I even put on the braces!

Now here you see the special light it’s basically within the visible spectrum. It’s not a laser or anything like that. There’s no heat that’s generated from it. It’s just a very intense light that acts as a catalyst to make the glue harden. Each bracket needs to be cured approximately 20-40 seconds. We move on, one bracket at a time, and you can see as we finish moving the light across the glue, bracket is then set and it becomes a permanent fixture on the teeth until we decide to take that bracket off. See really at this point there’s not really any pain that goes into putting on the braces. Like I said it’s just like putting stickers on the teeth. Doesn’t feel real normal at first. She has a hard time getting your lips over her teeth, over her braces. Everything feels real bulky and thick now.

Once we’ve got all the braces on we move to the next step, which is putting the wires onto the braces themselves. Okay at this point, Sarah has all of her braces on. We’ve used the light to make the glue hard and now she’s ready for the next step which is to put her wires in. Now these wires are made of, well we call them, copper night tie wires. Basically this material was developed by NASA quite a while ago and it is a temperature sensitive wire that is also a shape memory wire. Now what that means is that this wire is very flexible but when it hits body temperature, when it starts to warm up, the wire always returns to its original straight shape. So it’s not like your standard wire that you’d find in, you know building materials or what have you. It’s a shape memory wire.

So what that means is, as we attach the wire to each individual bracket, and you’ll see that we’re putting on her colored ties right now. These colored ties, although they’re kind of cute and pretty, really their only purpose is to hold the wire to the braces. Now you’ll see this wire to get distorted as we go into the more crooked teeth. This wire what like I said once it hits body temperature, It actually starts to return to its original straight shape, so as that wire over time, straightens out, the teeth that you can see are crooked, the wire that you can see is crooked, become straight. As the wire becomes straight, the teeth become straight. Really the braces are just a handle on the tooth. The ligature ties, those rubber colored rubber ties, are nothing more than holding the wire to the handle.The wire is what puts the pressure on the teeth and causes the teeth to move.

Now at this point, she feels a little bit of pressure from the wire. But again it’s a very light flexible wire. We start off with real light flexible wires and work up into heavier thicker rectangular wires some. So the initial wire is very light forces, but after about tw,o hours her teeth will start to feel tender. She won’t want to be chewing on anything hard. So basically her diet is going to consist, for the first three days, of swallowing type of foods or softer foods.

Okay so there you go. You just saw us give you a little clip of what it is like getting the braces put on. Now obviously, that was a little short version of the reality of it from starting to finish. It probably takes us about an hour to put on braces and get everything done from start to finish. So it’s a little longer than what you saw there. But we’re not working on the patient the whole time. So you’re not sitting there with your mouth open and your cheek stretched out for the whole hour. But it does take about an hour to get the whole thing done.

One question we get asked a lot, “Does the orthodontist use needles when putting on braces?”

Now one of the things you notice that we do not use needles when we put braces on. There’s no needles when putting on braces. There’s no poking. There’s no blood. There’s no crying or anything like that. It’s a pretty relaxed deal. We talked through the whole thing.

Now there’s some points where you can’t talk because we’ve got your cheek straight out, stretched out and your tongue kind of held back. But really, the whole time, you’re just you should be pretty relaxed about this whole deal.

We put braces on patients as young as six or seven and you know really it’s not a hard thing to go through.

How long do braces hurt when you first get them?

Now I will say that a couple of days after braces are put on, that’s when your teeth are going to be sore. But in our office, really there’s not a lot of pain while you’re at the office. Most of your soreness and tooth soreness is more of a dull soreness rather than a sharp pain and it usually happens a day later for about two days. Maybe at the earliest four hours after an appointment. But during the appointment itself, you can see pretty relaxed pretty easy and again shouldn’t be a lot of worries about what’s going to happen here in the office.

Glad you watched it. Hope you got something out of it. We look forward to putting on your braces. Should be a great experience for you. Look forward to doing it for you.

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noelle christine

Brought my son to Beglin orthodontics for his braces. All of his care and treatment was great. Staff feel like they are family with each other, which creates a warm caring environment. My son always had positive feedback after each visit. Would highly recommend for anyone looking for braces for themselves or their kids.

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Beglin Orthodontics in Carson City NV is hands down the best. They are always there to help and guide you on your braces treatment, make appointments easy to book and maintain. Always happy and comforting environment!

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I can’t thank Dr. Beglin and his staff and the ones that worked with me the most -Mary, Maria, Paula enough for the caring and professional treatment I received. I was an “older adult” patient. Dr. Beglin was responsive to the work I wanted done and did not try to pressure me to do more. Wait times were minimal. The office environment was serene, spotless, and the equipment was state-of -the -art, and I have to say, impressive. I am very happy with the results, and I smile and show off my teeth whenever I can! I highly recommend.

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This is an excellent place to go take care of your teeth. Dr Beglin and Staff are GREAT, very professional, courteous, and friendly, make you feel like family. I would highly recommend them.

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I have had three kids complete their braces journey with Beglin Orthodontics and I can’t recommend them enough! Dr Beglin does beautiful work and is so kind. He makes the office such a warm, comfortable experience. The staff is always welcoming and and happy to see us. It’s a pleasure to come in for our appointments and my kids teeth look great!

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I loved my experience here!I had my braces on for three years and everyone who works here is so genuinely sweet, nice & friendly!Choosing to get my braces here was so worth it!

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I’m so thankful for Dr. Beglin and his amazing team they are so professional friendly and do everything possible to accommodate your needs and schedule.His office travels to other locations once a month to make your office visit more convenient .I would highly recommend them to anyone needing orthodontic treatment.Thank you for my smile😁

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Our experience with Dr. Beglin and staff was outstanding. Very professional and clean atmosphere. Evans teeth look great. Could not have had a better experience. Thank you!

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I started the process of fixing my teeth several years ago. Doctor Beglin and the rest of the staff made me feel like I was part of the family. Once I got my braces on, I never had to go without a tooth again. They did an amazing job. They are part of our family now as both our daughters still have braces on. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

thomas holmes

My daughter was nervous about getting braces at first. Dr. Beglin and the staff are so knowledgeable, friendly and nice, which put her at ease.Payments were affordable and the office staff were always willing to work with me.Today is Braces Off Day!! Thank you to Dr. Beglin & his great staff for making getting braces a good experience!

Lynette Giles

Dr. Beglin and his team are so professional, personable, efficient, and do amazing, precise work that yields fantastic results in the shortest period of time possible! I was very reticent to get braces at 29 years old, but did it for my future dental health, and I'm so glad that I did! I'm grateful that my dentist highly recommended Dr. Beglin and my consultation with him and his office manager was a very comprehensive and comfortable first meeting. I got my braces taken off today, a year and seven months in, five months ahead of schedule, because Dr. Beglin's original placement of the brackets and expertise in making all the right adjustments in the most effective, efficient way set me up for every success and fast tracked my progress! If you diligently follow his instruction and trust his process, your results will be beyond your expectations - mine certainly were! And here's some great advice; If you're thinking of invisalign, just get the damon braces, your results will be so worth it! And if you're thinking of getting clear brackets on your top teeth, think again! I got the clear and afterward I wished that I had saved the extra money and gotten all metal - the metal brackets are much more comfortable, are less expensive, the power chains stay on better, they make your teeth look whiter and more uniform - the clear ceramic brackets are NOT worth it! Period! Thank you, Dr. Beglin, and all of your wonderful team members who made this journey such an overwhelming success! I am so grateful for you all!Warmly,Megan Crittenden

Megan Crittenden


Rebecca Otto

Awesome!! Dr. Begilin and everyone in the office are personable and professional. I would recommend Beglin Orthodontics to anyone who needs orthodontic work. They do such a great job!!

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I had the absolute privilege to have my orthodontics through Dr. Beglin years ago in 2009, and it was truly the best gift I have ever received. Although I was young at the time, I felt well-taken care of by all of the staff and confident with my orthodontics plan. The technology Dr. Beglin used for my braces was newer and revolutionary, so my braces were smaller and easier to take care of. Similarly, by following Dr. Beglin's plan, I had my braces removed 7 months earlier than expected!Years later (yesterday), I visited Dr. Beglin to do a small repair on a permanent retainer that had held true to its job for nearly 10 years. The staff remembered me and was incredibly welcoming--even over a decade later. Dr. Beglin and his team went above and beyond to ensure my smile stays perfect for a lifetime. To say that orthodontics changed my life would be an understatement. If it wasn't for Dr. Beglin and his team, my career in acting and working with the public in entertainment and events would be non-existent. I am so grateful to Dr. Beglin, Maria, and the entire team at Beglin Orthodontics for changing my life and giving me the confidence to pursue my dreams and goals.I highly recommend Beglin Orthodontics for everyone who is considering any orthodontics. It is an investment that will impact the rest of your life for the better.

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Dr. Beglin is my daughter and my orthodontist for the last 3+ years. We have had nothing but an amazing experience!! Dr. Beglin and his staff are very personable and do everything possible to accommodate your needs and schedule. I highly recommend Dr. Beglin and his office- they will not disappoint.

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The whole crew has great customer care. Always made me feel valued!!! Got my braces off and love my new smile!! Thank you all for your top notch service!!

Lucinda Allen

We take our three kids to see Dr. Beglin. My husband works in the dental field and recommended him because of his great reputation. The office staff is so friendly and makes scheduling appointments very easy. Dr Beglin has a great chair side manner that makes my kids feel special. We love the office and would recommend anyone looking for a orthodontist to come see them.

Amy Bauerle

Loved the staff here at Beglin Orthodontics. Not only were they kind and super generous but they always made sure to be there to help you whenever you either had questions or needed something fixed. I am so glad I got to get my braces here and I would recommend this to any adults or even parents who are looking to get their kids braces. Thanks Beglin Orthodontics for all you have done for me and even for my brother. You guys are amazing!

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Dr. Beglin and his staff consistently provide excellent customer service! They keep me informed every step of the way and make sure my sons are both as comfortable as possible. I couldn't be more happy and highly recommend them!!!

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I am so happy with the experience I had at Beglin Orthodontics; it made my day today and I will most definitely be returning should I need any orthodontic advice in the future and would highly recommend this clinic to anyone doing the same.While living overseas I had a permanent retainer inserted and it came detached from one tooth last night. I was a patient of Dr. Beglin's predecessor Dr. Coombs (Sr.) nearly 20 years ago, so I called the practice first thing this morning with my fingers crossed in order to see if there was any way that I could be seen for a retainer repair. Amanda answered the phone and could not have been more patient, empathetic, and accommodating. To my huge relief she offered me a same-morning appointment. When I arrived, the service continued to be nothing short of above and beyond. Amanda and Dr. Baglin made me feel right at home and then fixed my escapee retainer in no time.Having been employed in the dental field, it was exactly the kind of experience I would hope that a patient would have had from start to finish with our team. I felt listened to, cared for, and very welcomed by Amanda and Dr. Beglin. It was a positive and calm environment with a big focus on the patient-clinician relationship evident both from the treatment chair and throughout the clinic. Amanda even emailed me my initial patient photos from 1999! This was hands-down the best orthodontic experience I have ever had, and I left with a spring in my step that lasted my entire day.Be sure to give this team the opportunity to assist you and/or your family members with orthodontic treatment. They are outstanding.

Michelle Van Epps

Wonderful office and staff! Dr Beglin is easy to talk to and the office and dental staff are great. Very positive experience! I’ve had 2 kids get braces here and will be bringing my next 2 also!

Nancy Broughton

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